(provided by Coupang)

Coupang accommodation app? Launch of ‘Travel Premium’, a collection of 5-star or higher hotels

(provided by Coupang)

Coupang introduces ‘Coupang Travel Premium’, a collection of premium accommodation products.

Coupang Travel Premium is a themed pavilion that showcases premium hotel products with five or more stars carefully selected by Coupang. It is operated at all times in ‘Coupang Travel’, a category specializing in Coupang’s travel products.

According to changes in travel trends after Corona, which Coupang surveyed, 3040 customers preferred clean, safe and private luxury accommodations. Based on this, Coupang has prepared Coupang Travel Premium, which offers carefully selected five-star hotel and resort products nationwide, including Seoul, Jeju, Incheon, and Busan. In the theme hall, you can find premium accommodations for couples and families to enjoy together, including Vista Walkerhill Seoul, Incheon Paradise City, SIGNIEL Busan, and Grand Hyatt Jeju, which are the official 5-star hotels of the Korea Tourism Association and Jeju Tourism Association at a glance. can

In addition, Coupang plans to introduce a new premium accommodation product every week that allows you to enjoy a safe and complete rest in a private space with the concept of ‘the only rest to take a rest from your tiring daily life’. Along with popular luxury hotels nationwide, Coupang exclusive promotions are also planned to provide differentiated accommodation products to customers.

The flagship product for the first week of launch is the Incheon Nest Hotel, one of the hotels that has recently become very popular with customers for its beautiful exterior with reed fields. Coupang is offering a package that combines a swimming pool, lounge, and mini bar through Premium at 231,000 won. In particular, this product can be found exclusively at Coupang as a full package that includes a hotel pool for 2 people per night in a standard double room, a mini bar, and a Kun Lounge.

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