Subscription market for officetel with 99 rooms or less

“The success or failure of the officetel sale depends on whether it is possible to resell it. The level of competition varies depending on whether or not the ad contains the phrase ‘can be resold’. In a situation where the path of real estate investment is blocked by various regulations, it is difficult to find a box office factor that can replace ‘resale possible’.”

This is the story of an industry insider.

The enthusiasm for pre-sale of ’99 rooms or less’ officetel that can be resold under the current law is not going to cool down. Even officetels sold by the same construction company in the same area have different rates of competition depending on whether there are 99 or less rooms. Of the total of 9 officetels sold in Seoul this year, 6 officetels with 99 or less rooms filled the number of applicants in the first-order subscription. On the other hand, officetels with more than 100 rooms sold in Seoul are difficult to fill even with the number of recruits. Experts analyze that officetels with less than 99 rooms can be resold, attracting not only real housing demand but also investment demand, and the competition for winning is intensifying.

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