Shaking tech stock ‘myth of invincibility’ Opportunity to ‘pick up’ to hide big tech gems amid the collapse of US tech stocks? Performance and differentiation are investment points

Is this the end of techism? As the stock prices of big tech companies, which have dominated the US stock market for the past two years, have fallen, the ‘tech stock myth’ is shaking.

‘FAANG’, which was selected as a representative of Big Tech

(Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google)’ market capitalization has evaporated by $1.9359 trillion (about 2484 trillion won) by May 11 this year. The US Nasdaq index, which focuses on technology stocks, fell nearly 30% this year to 11,364.24 as of May 11. During the same period, the S&P 500 fell 17.3%. This means that the decline in technology stocks was more pronounced than in other sectors. In this regard, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) in the US said, “The technology industry, which has grown tremendously during the period of ultra-low interest rates over the past decade, is facing the most painful moment.”

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