Lee Young-il, CEO of Hagin, re-founded after selling Com2us… Unicorn in 5 years

did you?

a bit strange But Com2u? “Ah, that game company,” everyone knows. Today’s protagonist is Lee Young-il, the founder of Com2us, who re-founded Hagin, a new game company after the sale. After running Com2us for 20 years, CEO Lee sold the company to Gamevil for about 70 billion won in 2013. After that, I took a break for a while.

Then in 2017, he returned to the game industry, and the growth is not unusual. Mobile games such as ‘Home Run Clash’, ‘Overdogs’, ‘Extreme Golf’ and ‘Play Together’ were released one after another, and all of them rose to the box office. In particular, Hagin’s first release, ‘Home Run Clash’, took less than a year to develop, but was so popular that it surpassed 10 billion won in sales in the first year. Currently, it is ranked at the top of sales and downloads in the sports category of the global mobile game market. Since then, several games have been successful. What is more encouraging is that the proportion of overseas users and sales both exceeds 90%.

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