(provided by Gaon Chips)

‘Gaon Chips’ that survived the cold season of IPO…

(provided by Gaon Chips)

Gaon Chips succeeded in the box office by recording a competition ratio of 2183 to 1 in the public offering for general investors held for two days on the 11th and 12th. Considering that the average subscription competition ratio in the recent IPO (Initial Public Offering) market is about 1000 to 1, it is a good performance.

Gaon Chips showed the second highest level of competition after LG Energy Solution this year in the demand forecast for institutional investors conducted on the 2nd and 3rd, and the final offering price was 14,000 won, exceeding the expected range (11,000 won to 13,000 won). confirmed in circles.

This subscription was made exclusively through Daishin Securities, the main organizer. Of the 2 million shares in the total public offering, 500,000 shares were allocated for general subscription. In this public offering, 315,722 subscriptions have been received and 250,000 shares are evenly distributed, so 0.79 shares are expected to be allocated per account. Investors who have subscribed for more than 3,000 shares will receive an additional share in proportion. Since the IPO price is 14,000 won, it is equivalent to subscribing for 42 million won and receiving one more share.

Since SK Shields, One Store, and Taerim Paper have all withdrawn from their listings recently, Gaon Chips’ box office performance stands out even more. There is also an analysis that a large amount of investment has been poured into Gaon Chips due to the decision of previous companies to withdraw from listing. This is because the public offering of One Store and Taerim Paper was scheduled on the 12th and 13th due to the existing schedule. In the system semiconductor market, it is interpreted that the high competitiveness that Gaon Chips has secured has been recognized and has led to the success of the IPO.

Gaon Chips is a ‘design solution’ company that receives the blueprint of a semiconductor fabless (design company), processes it into a form optimized for the process, and delivers it to a foundry (consignment production company) company. It was established in 2012 by engineers from Samsung Electronics, and has a foundry at Samsung Electronics and a fabless company in the UK as partners. In particular, it has high competitiveness in that it is possible to develop optimized semiconductors from 180 nanometers (nm) to 5 nm processes.

Gaon Chips secured a margin of 7.64 trillion won through this general subscription. Gaon Chips plans to use the public offering funds for R&D and overseas market entry. We plan to invest in the development of semiconductor chips essential for new industries other than automotive, AI (artificial intelligence), and IoT (Internet of Things), and focus on business diversification by strengthening SoC (System on Chip) solution platform and developing killer IP (intellectual property). am. In addition, overseas expansion into Japan, the Americas, and Europe is also in full swing.

Gaon Chips plans to go public on the KOSDAQ market on the 20th after going through the payment process on the 16th.

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