Disaster subsidy for small businesses ‘first in the country’ paid

Daegu Metropolitan City ranked third in the nationwide small business support policy survey and expert evaluation after Gyeonggi and Seoul. It received favorable reviews for its systematic support policies for small businesses by industry and good characterization as a ‘franchise city’. In particular, Daegu City implemented a rapid administration of 1 million to 3 million won per store for the first time in the country to provide survival funds for small businesses to manage the Shincheonji incident in March 2020, the early stage of the corona pandemic.

Daegu has 180,000 small businesses and 350,000 employees. It is an area with a large proportion of small business owners, with diverse and distinctive alley commercial districts such as Yakjeon Alley, Bukseong Tool Alley, and Gyodong Jewelry Street, and large and small traditional markets such as Seomun Market, Chilseong Market, Gwanmun Market, and Paldalsin Market widely distributed throughout the living area.

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