Choi Yoon, Chairman of OK Financial Group | 2The first conglomerate to start in the financial sector… Achievement in 20 years

Rugby is a so-called ‘unpopular’ sport in Korea. Because of this reality, I couldn’t even bring up the words of paying to watch rugby. However, after Choi Yoon (59), chairman of OK Financial Group, took office as president of the Korea Rugby Association last year, this ‘baseless formula (?)’ was broken. He was the first in the history of the Korean rugby league to pay for tickets to watch rugby games. The idea is to show the least respect for the rugby players who have trained all year to play the best. Among rugby people, it was half expectation and half concern. There was a lot of worry that even the audience who had come might disappear. However, the results exceeded expectations. The ‘2022 OK Korea Super Rugby League’, which ended on May 7th, left a success story with a cumulative audience of 3,600. ‘Rugby ticket payment’ clearly shows Chairman Choi, who has broken the stereotyped way of thinking.

This is not the only unusual move he has made. Chairman Choi left many good examples of ‘B-grade advertisements’. He easily solved the difficult loan business by introducing the cartoon character ‘Stage-ri’, who personified radish during his Rush and Cash days. ‘Stage-ri’ was the number one contribution to breaking the negative prejudice against the loan business. The ‘Sweep Man’, which made ‘OK’ in the shape of lying on its side, was an excellent idea that even advertisers slapped their knees. Chairman Choi is at the forefront of such B-level marketing. He did not hesitate to move on to the B-class, saying, “Even if I am a B-class now, I will rise to the A-class.”

The business idea was also excellent. OK Savings Bank has conducted unprecedented interest rate marketing since its inception. In July 2014, when they launched a special deposit deposit, they gave a preferential rate of 0.4 percentage points if they just shouted ‘OK’ in the audience. In fact, it was to inform all customers of ‘OK Savings Bank’ and to provide a high-interest rate service.

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