Boss divides opinion after sign telling female staff to ‘put on makeup’

AN ANGRY boss left a note telling his female staff that they ‘ looked like they had just crawled out of bed’ and to ‘put on some make-up’.

The long list of requirements from the ‘entitled’ bar boss was posted on Reddit and has divided opinion.

The note left by the bar boss was posted online and has divided opinion


The note left by the bar boss was posted online and has divided opinionCredit: REDDIT

The note asks staff to wear the correct uniform and that employees with long hair keep it tied back for hygiene reasons.

But the boss then appears to slam his female workers adding, ‘you have a public job, you are not sitting at home hiding behind a computer’.

He writes: “Please put on some make-up, sometimes, some of you look like you just crawled out of bed and came to work.

“You are the first and last impression our customers have of [the bar], please take some pride in your appearance.”

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Other bizarre requests including staff not wearing hoodies in warm weather and not wearing shorts that ‘show off your a**’

The staff notice however has sparked a debate among Reddit users, with some saying the requirements are fair just badly worded.

One commented: “His points, themselves, aren’t terrible or way-over-the-line. He just phrases it in a way that makes him seem like a pouty entitled a**-hat.

“He comes off like a whiny brat who inherited the location from his parents and who has no idea how to manage or communicate…”

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Another added: “Regardless if it’s legal or not it’s misogynist as f**k…”

One male Reddit user said that if he worked at the bar, he would come in wearing make-up to show solidarity with his female workers.

He said: “I’m a man and if I worked at this job I’d come in the next day with the best makeup I could put on myself (which I’ve never done so I’m sure it would be awful) and just wait for the manager to complain.”

The sun also revealed how a bad boss sent an email to his female workforce telling staff to take baths and use ‘feminine deodorant’.

The message, leaked by a former employee, was branded by some Reddit users as “sexist” – but not all agreed.

According to the worker, the email was sent only to women, citing lifestyle choices to help keep themselves smelling fresh.  

It read: “Use feminine deodorant as need – especially during those times of the month. When you can yourself, other have been able to small you for 2-3 days. Wow.”

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