[김용호 교수의 ‘뉴노멀 시대, 직장인 리더십 키우기’] ‘Self-esteem’ is the key to recovering your self-confidence, who has collapsed in the scars of Corona

Maekyung Economy presents a new column. Just a few years ago, employee leadership was not so important. Even if the boss said that the class was a thug, the atmosphere of the law was strong. Being a ‘yes man’ for subordinates was the way to succeed at work. However, in the New Normal era, the world has changed. The work environment changed by COVID-19 and the emergence of the MZ generation are demanding new leadership. Leadership that understands and communicates in each other’s roles is more necessary than ever.

Yong-ho Kim, a professor of political science and diplomacy at Yonsei University, who has been working hard to develop global leadership, delivers the know-how to develop leadership for office workers in the new normal era. Professor Yongho Kim served as the director of the Yonsei University Leadership Center, which was established as the first university in Korea to specialize in leadership research and education. Based on vivid examples from various fields, we plan to unravel leadership solutions for a successful work life.

#It happened when I was the head of the department. It was also an important task to help aspirants for the national examination, the national qualification examination, and the press examination called the ‘press examination’. There were two students who had good skills, but because they were unlucky, they failed three or four times. They are aspiring diplomats and aspiring journalists who are united by their comradeship and camaraderie.

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