The disgusting reason you should NEVER use the swim-up pool bar on holiday

SOAKING up the sun, sipping sangria and cooling off all at the same makes swim-up pool bars the perfect relaxation spot.

But there is a disgusting reason why you should swerve those particular watering holes at all costs on your holiday.

The disgusted TikToker shared a video of the packed swim-up pool bar at a Mexican resort


The disgusted TikToker shared a video of the packed swim-up pool bar at a Mexican resortCredit: Two Food Piggies / TIKTOK
She warned people to stay away from the bar area of the pool this summer


She warned people to stay away from the bar area of the pool this summerCredit: Two Food Piggies / TIKTOK

Swim-up bars are now an expected commodity at the majority of resorts and have proved a popular spot for guests to pose for pictures.

Reality TV star Gemma Collins recently shared a snap of herself flaunting her curves in front of the poolside parlour at the Palazzo Versace Hotel in Dubai.

But one outraged TikToker has revealed the sickening reason you may want to avoid the area while taking a dip on your travels.

The woman, who goes by the username @twofoodpiggies, explained some guests enjoy the facility so much that they won’t even leave to relieve themselves.

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While visiting a luxury resort in Mexico, the blogger noticed not many people were taking a toilet break.

She said in the vile video: “Do not hang out in the pool where the swim-up bar is.

“There is literally intoxicated guests admitting that they are peeing in the pool here.”

The creator added in the caption: “One girl didn’t understand why some people were leaving the pool to use the washroom.”

The stomach-churning clip left some social media users second-guessing their poolside manner this summer.

One wrote: “Good advice. Some people sit there all day and never leave.”

Another commented: “The amount of people admitting peeing in a pool in this comment section disgusts me.”

“There isn’t enough chlorine to clean that up,” a third added.

And one user joked: “All swim-up bars are toilets.”

The TikTok has since gone viral, racking up a whopping 4.3million views and over 104,000 likes.

Although many believe peeing in the pool is harmless, urine reacts with the chemicals in the water – which can have serious health implications for swimmers.

A 2017 study found that swimming pools can contain more than 16 gallons of urine – and that the average person passes 70ml of urine.

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