Monolight, innovative growth type venture company certified

Monolight, innovative growth type venture company certified

Monolight, a lifestyle commerce startup centered on fandom content, has been certified as an innovative growth type venture company hosted by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups. In addition, the technology credit rating agency (TCB) Korea Company Data has also acquired the ‘T4 rating’ given to top-tier technology companies at the same time.

The ‘innovative growth type’ venture company selected by Monolight is a venture company certification granted to companies with promising future growth based on various indicators such as a dedicated research organization and human resources expertise, service competitiveness, growth potential, and sustainable management. It is given through a rigorous screening process, including multi-faceted evaluation of the business and the organization as a whole.

The ‘Technological Competency Excellent Company Certification’ is a comprehensive analysis of the economic value of a company’s technology, such as technological prowess, marketability, and business feasibility, at the Tech Credit Bureau (TCB) of Korea Enterprise Data (KED). Calculate and evaluate The T4 grade obtained by Monolight is a grade given to companies with excellent technology to meet the conditions for special listing on the KOSDAQ.

Monolight was founded in 2017 by CEO Kim Seong-su, an expert in content and media commerce. Currently, it is providing lifestyle-based product planning and systematic commerce and brand management for the younger generation, focusing on content and celebrities.

CEO Kim Seong-soo said, “The acquisition of the T4 grade in the technology evaluation and the certification of a venture company is a meaningful achievement evaluated for the innovation, creativity, and business growth potential of Monolight, which expands commerce by combining content, fandom, and technology.” CEO Kim said, “Through the experience accumulated based on technology and core competencies, we will provide a unique digital lifestyle experience that will satisfy creators, brands, and consumers. We will continue to strive for growth and lead the content-based media commerce industry.”

Monolight is engaged in various businesses besides influencer management and advertising. Last year, following the launch of IP products linked to creator contents, the company also introduced its own brands of kitchenware and meal kits with various manufacturers, achieving results in the goods business.

Monolight plans to significantly expand B2C live commerce projects that can provide creators, contents, and services in response to the turbulence in the content commerce market. The successful launch of its PB brand at home and abroad is also a major goal.

Monolight leads various commerce businesses by connecting creator IPs and fandoms, focusing on the human IPs of popular lifestyle celebrities such as Bae Dong-seong, Jeon Jin-joo, Jeong Jeong-wang, Bae Yeon-jung, Mom’s Recipe, Noh Jang-geum, and founding jikseol. plan.

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