I found $400 in a box marked ‘free’ …people don’t agree whether I should keep it

A MAN who found $400 dollars stashed in a box marked “free” on the side of the road has divided opinion over whether he should keep it.

The TikTok user discovered the stash of cash in two envelopes that were allegedly tucked away among several dumped plastic containers.  

The TikTok user claimed her found the cash stashed in a box at the side of the road marked 'free'


The TikTok user claimed her found the cash stashed in a box at the side of the road marked ‘free’Credit: TikTok
Two shite envelopes contained roughly $400 in cash


Two shite envelopes contained roughly $400 in cashCredit: TikTok

The video shows viewers the box of “free items” through the lucky owners car window before panning to the white envelopes filled with $20 bills.  

“I found these envelopes, they feel thick” the man can he heard saying on camera.

He added: “I think I can pay bills, doesn’t hurt to check out free boxes. Oh my gosh!”

His post quickly racked up more than 20,000 likes with opinion divided on whether he should keep the cash himself or attempt to return it to the original owners.

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Many presided that he should keep the money seeing the box was marked “free” as others pointed out that it was likely a mistake.

One said: “If it were true, return it, these people probably didn’t know these were in there.

A second wrote: “You need to go turn that back in.”

While a third added: “You need to make sure it wasn’t put there by mistake and return to the rightful owner. Unless you’re heartless.”

Others questioned whether the video was “staged” suggesting it was unlikely that such a generous handout would have been made on purpose.    

The TikToker replied: “Haha I wish. Wait till it happens to you and say the same thing.”

It comes just days after a man openly refused to return more than £20,000 after he was sold an old safe on eBay.

A lucky buyer claimed her discovered the huge wad of cash inside the lockable box that had been flogged online for just £8.

Seller James Labrecque, from California who had sold the item, requested the customer hand back a chunk of the windfall after the find was buyer revealed in a review.

But much to his surprise, a heated email chain ensued after the smug buyer cited the seller policy.

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