Putin is 'WEEKS' behind schedule & will escalate attacks for long war

Putin is ‘WEEKS’ behind schedule & will escalate attacks for long war

VLADIMIR Putin is ‘weeks behind’ schedule and will look to escalate his attacks, becoming more ‘unpredictable’ as he prepares for a long war.

According to a senior US defence official, Russian forces are several weeks behind where Vladimir Putin expected, after shifting the focus of military operations to Ukraine’s eastern Donbas.

Speaking in a briefing call with reporters on Tuesday, the official said that Putin is “easily two weeks, or maybe even more, behind where he wanted to be in the east”.

In the US, National Intelligence Director Avril Haines, said that Putin is now ‘preparing for a prolonged conflict’ in Ukraine.

Avril said: “We assess President Putin is preparing for prolonged conflict in Ukraine during which he still intends to achieve goals beyond the Donbas.”

“The uncertain nature of the battle, which is developing into a war of attrition, combined with the reality that Putin faces a mismatch between his ambitions and Russia’s current conventional military capabilities likely means the next few months could see us moving along a more unpredictable and potentially escalatory trajectory.”

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