Evil Putin 'now at his DEADLIEST' as puffy-faced despot displays 'anger signals'

Evil Putin ‘now at his DEADLIEST’ as puffy-faced despot displays ‘anger signals’

VLADIMIR Putin is now at his ‘deadliest’ as the puffy-faced despot displayed wild ‘anger signals’ whilst delivering his Victory Day speech according to a body language expert.

Body language expert Judi James told Sky News Putin’s actions at the event offered a number of insights.

The expert said that “when an alpha is showing a weakness” that is when they are at their “deadliest”.

Judi James said: “He changed his state considerably. When he stood on stage, he went from being this man who was slightly unsteady with his head down.

“He suddenly looked up, he looked straight into the camera, and that’s when it worried me because when an alpha is beleaguered, when an alpha is showing weakness, it can often be its deadliest.

“Suddenly the lips started to tighten. We saw a raising of the muscle just under the eye.

“The top lip in particular started to tighten. He started to chew his words as he was speaking. And that’s where we could see a reboot.

“And from this slightly pathetic body language to somebody that is fizzing with anger, there were a lot of anger signals.”

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