‘Time traveller from 2034’ claims to know ‘exact day of apocalypse in leaked doc’

A SO-CALLED time traveller from 2034 has claimed to know the exact day an apocalypse is coming in a chilling leaked document.

The TikTok user said a series of terrifying events are due to kick off this summer with millions of people set to mysteriously disappear as a new species of “stalkers” appear around the world.

The time traveller claimed ghastly new creatures pop up across the globe


The time traveller claimed ghastly new creatures pop up across the globeCredit: TikTok/ thehiddengod1
The start of the apocalyptic event will be the 'great split'


The start of the apocalyptic event will be the ‘great split’Credit: TikTok/ thehiddengod1

Kawhi Leonard claimed the start of the apocalyptic event will be the “great split” when the ground in the United States ruptures in “America’s biggest earthquake”.

The self-proclaimed time traveller said millions of people will then vanish before new beasts pop up across the globe and take over civilisation.

The horrifying predictions are set to take place on a number of dates between July and October.

The video of his wild premonitions has racked up more than 450,000 likes and 10,000 comments.

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He said: “WARNING: A leaked document from a time traveller has warned us to remember these dates for 2022.

“July 14th 2022 – ‘The great split’ America’s biggest earthquake.

“August 9th 2022 – Over 2 million people around the world mysteriously disappear.

“October 3rd 2022 – Creatures known as stalkers will appear around the globe.”

The TikTok user urged his followers to “remember these dates”.

After reading the chilling warnings for 2022, users jumped to share their prayers for humanity.

One wrote: “Only Allah knows what will happen please protect us.”

Another commented: “The comment section is now a church.”

A third replied: “God will make sure we’re safe.”

But there were many TikTok users that weren’t as easily convinced by the prophecies.

One said: “Time traveller has warned us from December 2021 and nothing happened.”

Another wrote: “Me not believing it. *Writes it down just in case*.”

It comes after another self-proclaimed time traveller claiming to be from the future shared “proof” he has been alone in a post-apocalyptic world for 340 days.

Javier claimed to be from the year 2028 and said there are no humans left – even though buildings and cars are still in place.

And another so-called time traveller wildly claimed world-changing events that are soon to come.

Meanwhile, a man claiming to be a time traveller from 2030 said he had X-ray “proof” of a device implanted in his hand that he insists helps him jump dimensions for “secret missions”.

The lad who calls himself Noah said the gadget was inserted before he “went back in time” and claims to be stuck in the “wrong year”.

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Speaking to the Sun Online in 2019, he claimed that he had become “stuck” in the wrong year.

And another self-proclaimed time traveller claimed a celebrity who faked his death will return in September.

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