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HK Innoen to ‘voluntarily suspend’ domestic phase 1 clinical trials for coronavirus vaccine

(provided by Doosan)

HK Innoen, a pharmaceutical manufacturing company, announced that it had voluntarily suspended the phase 1 clinical trial for the COVID-19 vaccine.

HK Innoen received approval from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for a phase 1 clinical trial to develop a COVID-19 vaccine in July last year, and has been developing by administering candidate substances to healthy adults.

However, the majority of adults in Korea have already secured immunity by completing the COVID-19 vaccine, and the external environment has changed significantly, with the Corona 19 situation also becoming an endemic.

As the purpose of entering the late-stage clinical trial became unclear and it became difficult to continue clinical trials due to the decrease in the number of unvaccinated patients, HK Innoen decided to completely suspend the development of a coronavirus vaccine.

HK Innoen completed phase 1 clinical administration and was in the process of analyzing the results, but it is expected to stop development according to this decision to suspend. An official from HK Innoen said, “As the external environment changed rapidly during the development process, adjustments to the development strategy became inevitable.

It is the second time after Genexine to halt development of HK Innoen vaccine. Previously, Genexine announced in March that it would voluntarily withdraw from phase 2 and 3 clinical trials of GX-19N, a coronavirus vaccine. Genexine also explained, “Given the rapidly changing COVID-19 market situation and the global vaccine supply and demand situation, we judged that GX-19N’s business viability is remarkably low, so we voluntarily withdraw it.”

Due to the departure of Genexine and HK Innoen, the number of domestic corona vaccine developers has decreased to seven: SK Bioscience, Eubiologics, Celid, Jinwon Life Sciences, Curatis, Igene, and ST Pharm.

Meanwhile, as of 3:20 pm on the 10th, HK Innoen stock is trading at 37,750 won, down 2.45% from the previous day.

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