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Gwacheon Weaverfield lottery subscription ‘hot’… Competition ratio 2133 to 1

(Source = Yonhap News)

There was fierce competition for the subscription of ‘Gwacheon Weaverfield (Gwacheon Jugong 2nd Complex Reconstruction)’ in Wonmun-dong, Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do. When the non-priority subscription volume came out at the price four years ago, about 8,000 subscribers flocked to it.

Non-priority subscription means that the winner of the general sale is selected by a random lottery after receiving a subscription from a household that has given up on the contract after the contract date or has not been able to find the owner as ineligible to win the subscription. Therefore, it is expected that the winner of the subscription will be able to reap at least 1.1 billion won in market profit.

According to the subscription homepage of the Korea Real Estate Agency on the 10th, a total of 8531 applications were received for the recruitment of 4 households for the non-priority subscription for Gwacheon Weaverfield held on the 9th. The competition ratio is 2133 to 1. For exclusive areas of 99㎡A and 84㎡B, 3617 and 2274 people applied for one-family recruitment, respectively, and for 59㎡B, 2640 people gathered for two-family subscription.

In the non-priority application, the winner is chosen by a 100% lottery system, but the competition rate is quite high in that only homeless householders over the age of 19 living in Gwacheon can apply as of the announcement date of the resident recruitment.

The reason why subscribers flocked to the complex is because the quantity was supplied at the level of the 2018 sale price. The sale price is 823.5 million to 897.31 million won for 59 square meters for exclusive use, 1.88.14 million won for 84 square meters, and 1.165.9 million won for 99 square meters. Until August of last year, when the last transaction of the complex was made, the sale price was at a maximum of 2.28 billion won (23rd floor) for 99 m² and 2.19 billion won for an exclusive 84 m² (24th and 25th floors).

Winners will be announced on the 13th of the following month. The contract date is the 20th, one week after this. The down payment is 10% of the sale price, and the remaining 90% must be paid by July 17th. There is no real residence obligation, so you can pay the balance along with the jeonse, and after paying the balance and completing the registration of transfer of ownership, you can buy and sell immediately.

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