(Provided by E-Mart)

E-Mart’s ‘Wine Market’, the best discount ever… “Up to 70% discount on 1600 wines”

(Provided by E-Mart)

E-Mart announced on the 10th that it will hold a ‘first half wine market’ with up to 70% discount for a week.

E-Mart is holding a wine market that sells 1,600 items of wine at up to 70% discount for a week from May 12th to 18th. According to E-Mart, this wine market has increased the number of popular items by 20% compared to the previous wine market, and has prepared a large number of branded wines that are cheaper than the average overseas selling price through pre-planning. In addition, weekend specials and daily specials were expanded to increase the sense of discount.

E-Mart has been planning the wine market six months in advance to supply cheap wine, and by ordering more than 2,000 bottles per item, it is now possible to present branded wines at a lower price than the average overseas price. As a representative item, Laurent Perrier Harmony Demisek produced in the Saint-Pagne region of France is discounted at 55,000 won, and Chilean red wine Santa Rita Triple C is discounted at 33,000 won. All of them are more than 20,000 won cheaper than the overseas selling price.

The reason E-Mart is able to plan a large-scale wine market in the first and second half of every year is analyzed to be because wine beginners are expanding their purchases of products at higher prices. When looking at the proportion of sales by E-Mart wine price range, it was found that the proportion of high-priced wines over 50,000 won rose from 16.1% in 2020 to 22.6% in 2022.

E-Mart’s wine market has doubled the number of wines to 1,600 this year compared to 800 wines at the wine market, which was first implemented in the first half of 2018 to meet consumer demand for various types and high-priced wines. Since the first event in 2018, the wine market has become a popular event among wine consumers, with wine-related YouTubers making a video of ‘Wine Market Must-Buy List’ every time it starts.

Myung Yong-jin, a liquor buyer at E-Mart, said, “This wine market has increased the quantity of major products and lowered prices for wine consumers. said.

SSG.com, a subsidiary of Shinsegae, also opened its first online wine market in line with the same period and introduced special wines. After ordering online, you can purchase by using the ‘store pick-up order’ method, where you pick up the product at an E-Mart store near your home.

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