(Chemie lens provided)

ChemiLens launches ‘Magic Foam Outdoor’, a progressive lens for outdoor use

(Chemie lens provided)

Chemilens, a manufacturer of spectacle lenses, announced on the 10th that it has launched a progressive lens for outdoor use that is suitable for outdoor activities.

This new product is ‘Magic Form Outdoor’ (MF-OUTDOOR), a progressive lens developed in response to the rapid increase in the proportion of outdoor life such as various outdoor activities as the corona pandemic such as social distancing and removal of outdoor masks has ended. ‘Magic Foam Outdoor’ was developed with a focus on long-distance and intermediate-range vision, and focused on maximizing a clear sense of vision even when looking at a distance with progressive glasses, the company said.

The company explained, “Using Chemi Perfect UV material also has a UV blocking effect.” “It protects eye health by blocking more than 30% of UV rays even in the blue light range of 380-500 nanometers.” An official from ChemiLens said, “The ‘Magic Form Outdoor’ progressive lens has good mid-to-long-distance vision, so we expect it to be helpful for outdoor city life, which is expected to increase rapidly as the corona pandemic ends.”

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