Russia using ‘mobile crematoriums’ to hide war crimes & their soldiers’ bodies’

RUSSIAN soldiers are using “mobile crematoriums” to cover up their own war crimes, as well as the true extent of their army’s death toll in Ukraine, the UK Defence Secretary has claimed.

Ben Wallace said Putin’s commanders in Ukraine had refused to tell the truth throughout the war, in response to Russia’s Victory Parade in Moscow to mark the end of the Second World War.

Russia is allegedly using mobile crematoriums in Ukraine to cover up war crimes


Russia is allegedly using mobile crematoriums in Ukraine to cover up war crimesCredit: Russian Ministry of Defence
Defence Secretary Ben Wallace also said Russia was hiding its own heavy losses


Defence Secretary Ben Wallace also said Russia was hiding its own heavy lossesCredit: PA
Vladimir Putin today appeared at a Victory Day parade in Moscow


Vladimir Putin today appeared at a Victory Day parade in MoscowCredit: AP

In a speech on Monday at the National Army Museum in London, he said: “Since February we have witnessed a systemic refusal to tell the truth up the chain of command, and it is playing out.

“Consider the fact alone that mobile crematoria trundle around the battlefields not just to hide Russian war crimes, they are for their own soldiers’ corpses as well.”

He was speaking after Moscow’s Red Square played host to a Russian military parade to mark the 77th anniversary of victory in what Russia calls the Great Patriotic War.

As many as 27 million Soviets died during World War Two, including 11.4m soldiers.

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But speaking just hours after the event, which saw President Putin watch on in a blanket amid swirling rumours about his health, the Defence Secretary claimed the Russian leader was “dishonouring” the memory of his country’s fallen heroes.

He said Putin wanted the Russian people and the rest of the world “to be awed and intimidated” by the scale of his country’s military might.

But, he added, the “ongoing and unprovoked conflict in Ukraine does nothing but dishonour those same soldiers. Both the ones marching across Red Square as I speak and all the forebearers they supposedly march to commemorate”.

He described a visit he made to Moscow in February just weeks before the conflict began where he lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier next to the Kremlin.

Mr Wallace then went on to denounce the Soviet leaders of the time who had forced many of their conscripted soldiers to suffer and die, often in “needless” circumstances.

“Fear and sycophancy dictated behaviours then,” he said, “and today’s Russian Armed Forces still carry that Soviet imprint – the imprint of amorality and corruption.”

Comparing Russia’s army today with the British army, he described how officers at Sandhurst are taught under the motto “serve to lead”, quoting the Duke of Wellington, who once said: “I consider nothing in this country so valuable as the life and health of the British soldier.”

He asked: “Could the same ever be said of Russian Forces, with their quantity supposedly a ‘quality all of its own’?

“Do their officers serve their soldiers? Do they learn and adapt? Or do they seek only to comply and satisfy their higher commanders?”

All you need to know about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Everything you need to know about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine…

Describing the crematoriums that have reportedly been seen on the battlefields in Ukraine, Mr Wallace said: “Imagine what it must do to the morale of a private soldier to know your commanders have so little faith in their campaign that you are followed around by those horrific contraptions.”

He also highlighted the destruction of the 331st Guards Parachute Regiment, the so-called “elite” Russian Airborne Forces, who were tasked at the start of the invasion with seizing Hostomel airfield on the outskirts of Kyiv.

As news of the unit’s heavy death toll filtered back to Russia, he said, friends and relatives of the fallen had denounced Putin, claiming he had decided to “play war” and “sent thousands of guys to die”.

Comparing the Russian leader and his cronies to the dictators of the 20th century, he added: “Through their invasion of Ukraine, Putin, his inner circle and generals are now mirroring the fascism and tyranny of 77 years ago, repeating the errors of last century’s totalitarian regimes.”

And he accused Russian forces of bad battle preparation, poor operational planning, inadequate equipment and support, and corruption.

The crematoriums were first pictured in 2013


The crematoriums were first pictured in 2013Credit: Russian Ministry of Defence
Putin has been accused of leading thousands of Russians to their deaths


Putin has been accused of leading thousands of Russians to their deathsCredit: Getty

Russia’s mobile crematoriums were first reported on back in February at the start of the war.

Shocking footage – originally shared in 2013 – disturbingly shows a circular chamber fitted into the back of the lorry.

Soldiers can crank up the heat to scorching temperatures, in a bid to avoid mountains of bodies piling up in public view.

The terrifying trucks can reduce bodies to ashes on the roadside, making it even easier for Vladimir Putin to downplay the human cost of the conflict.

Today’s Russian Armed Forces still carry that Soviet imprint – the imprint of amorality and corruption

Ben Wallace MPDefence Secretary

It comes as the Russian ambassador to Poland was attacked in Warsaw during a visit to a World War Two memorial in the Polish capital.

Sergey Andreev looked stony-faced as red liquid resembling blood was splattered across his face as part of the protest against the killing of innocent Ukrainians.

Meanwhile, Putin’s supposed show of force in Moscow was slammed as a damp squib, as the tyrant delivered a feeble speech in front of a parade slimmed down due to losses in Ukraine.

The parade traditionally sees Russia display its military might with tanks, nuclear missiles and other hardware rumbling through Red Square and the latest aircraft overhead.

Thousands of Russian troops also march past Putin and his top brass in the annual traditional parade.

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But instead, the Russians have been unable to find enough of the latest T-80 tanks after around 120 of them were destroyed by the Ukrainians.

In total, the parade was scaled down by 35 per cent, according to calculations by Forbes.

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