The reconstruction site of Gaepo Jugong 1 Complex in Gaepo-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, where construction was in full swing in June last year.  (Maekyung DB)

Reduce the park area, select a contractor… ‘Jungjung-dong’ Gaepo Reconstruction Round 2

The reconstruction site of Gaepo Jugong 1 Complex in Gaepo-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, where construction was in full swing in June last year. (Maekyung DB)

The Seoul Metropolitan Government held the 5th Urban Planning Committee and revised and approved the amendment to the Gaepo Jugong 1 Complex Reconstruction and Maintenance Plan on May 4. The reconstruction of Gaepo Jugong 1 complex around 660-3 Gaepo 1-dong, Gangnam-gu is a maintenance project that builds the existing 124 buildings, 5040 households, into a ‘DH First I Park’ with a maximum of 35 stories, 74 buildings, and a total of 6702 households. The sale was completed in July 2020 and construction is in full swing with the goal of moving in in January 2024.

In this deliberation, the park area was reduced from 1650.2㎡ to 1134.8㎡, and the school construction range (building-to-coverage ratio 30% → 40%, floor area ratio 150% → 170%, height 5 → 7 stories) was adjusted.

Gaepo Jugong Complex 1 is one of the business sites that have created friction with the ‘Leave a trace of the maintenance business’ project, the late former Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon. Initially, the plan to leave one briquette apartment building was strongly promoted, but the direction was changed to a plan to create a park while leaving some of the pillars and walls in this place.

Gaepo Hanshin Apartment in Ilwon-dong received early approval for project implementation and was close to selecting a contractor. On April 19th, the second on-site briefing session was held for the selection of contractors at the union office. The cooperative is planning to confirm the specific date of the construction contractor selection general meeting through a meeting of the executive department, such as the board of directors, in the near future.

Gaepo Hanshin Reconstruction is a project to build a total of 498 apartments with 3 floors above the ground and 3 basement floors, as well as additional welfare facilities. Apartments are planned to consist of 172 households with a size of less than 60 square meters for exclusive use, 228 households with a size of more than 60 square meters and less than 85 square meters for exclusive use, and 98 households with more than 85 square meters for exclusive use. The Gaepo Hanshin Reconstruction Association offered 6.27 million won per 3.3 square meters of contract area as the estimated construction cost.

In addition, Gaepo-dong Gyeongnam, Woosung 3rd car, and Hyundai 1st car, also known as ‘Gyeongui-hyeon’, are promoting the reconstruction by integrating the three complexes. Gyeonggi-hyeon has been promoting reconstruction since 2018, but the project has been sluggish due to various reconstruction regulations. In January, they applied for the Seoul Rapid Integration Planning and failed. However, as expectations for the reconstruction grew, the pace of the project is picking up again.

Gyeongsangnam-do 678 households, Wooseong 3rd tier 405 households, and Hyundai 1st tier 416 households total 1499 households, Gyeonggi-hyeon draws a picture that about 3,000 new apartments will be built through integrated reconstruction.

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