Evil Putin VIOLATES ceasefire leaving Ukrainian wounded 'dying in agony'

Putin’s ‘BRUTAL attack’ is ‘threatening peace’ in europe claims Boris Johnson

BORIS Johnson has pledged a further £1.3 billion to help Ukraine as Putin’s ‘brutal attack’ is ‘threatening’ peace in Europe.

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a statement on Saturday that he would be pledging more military aid to support Ukraine.

A further 1.3 billion pounds ($1.6 billion), double its previous spending commitments will go to supporting Ukrainians.

Boris Johnson said: “Putin’s brutal attack is not only causing untold devastation in Ukraine – it is also threatening peace and security across Europe.”

The PM also stated that the UK was the first country to recognise the ‘threat’ and responded first.

The PM added: “The UK was the first country to recognise the scale of the threat and send arms to help the Ukrainians defend themselves.

“We will stand by that endeavour, working with our allies to ensure Ukraine can continue to push back the Russian invasion.”

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