Mystery of boy, 3, who vanished 2 years ago when grandma turned back to tie up dog

OVER two years ago, three-year-old Dylan Ehler was last seen playing outside his grandmother’s home in Canada before he vanished without a trace.

Authorities say the boy’s grandmother may have turned around to tie her dog or do something with the dog before Dylan disappeared.

It's been two years since Dylan Ehler, 3 disappeared on May 6, 2020


It’s been two years since Dylan Ehler, 3 disappeared on May 6, 2020Credit: CTV News Atlantic

“It was just that quick,” said Truro Police Service Chief Dave MacNeil at the time.

The nearby area around the grandmother’s home was extensively searched and Dylan’s blue rubber books were found near Lepper Brook, which MacNeil described as “quick-moving.”

“The water is very high there this time of year and it’s moving fairly quickly,” he said. “Firefighters did go into the river, probably chest height, and they were searching the river.”

The river that the firefighters searched was the Salmon River, said MacNeil. It runs a few hundred yards from where Dylan was last seen and the Leper Brook empties into it.

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Authorities believe the boy fell into the brook and was swept away, however, his family doesn’t think that’s the case.

“We love you Dylan Ehler missing since May 6th 2020 possible drowning possible kidnapping let’s bring Dylan home,” wrote his father, Jason Ehler, on Facebook Friday.

A video tribute to his son was also shared.

Photos of the clothing Dylan had been wearing the day he disappeared were shared by the Truro Police Service.

A statement was also shared on Facebook, referencing the two-year anniversary of Dylan’s disappearance. 

“Today marks the second anniversary of the disappearance of 3-year-old Dylan Ehler. We recognize how hard the past two years have been on Dylan’s parents, family, and the wider community,” the statement read.

“Attached is a picture of Dylan and shows the clothing he wore on the day of his disappearance…Our efforts are ongoing as this remains an active investigation.”

People are urged to contact the police with any information related to Dylan.

People can contact the Truro Police at 902-895-5351 or Crime Stoppers to send tips at 800-222-8477.

If still alive, Dylan would be four-years-old. His left eye is hazel and his right eye is split vertically hazel and blue.

Authorities believe Dylan may have slipped into the Lepper Brook, but Dylan's parents think he might still be alive


Authorities believe Dylan may have slipped into the Lepper Brook, but Dylan’s parents think he might still be aliveCredit: CTV News Atlantic

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