Who was Benito Juarez?

BENITO Juarez paved the way for Mexico’s democratic federal republic and helped the modernization of the country in the 19th century.

Up until his death, he fought to reform the government which eventually made him a national hero.

Benito Juarez was Mexico's president


Benito Juarez was Mexico’s presidentCredit: Getty

Who was Benito Juarez?

Born March 21, 1806, Benito Juarez was known as a Mexican liberal politician and lawyer.

He famously served as the 26th president of Mexico from 1858 until his death in 1872.

At the time, he made history as Mexico’s first president of indigenous origin and helped shape the country into what we know today.

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He first took office after conservative forces sent Mexico’s previous president into exile and was then elected president in 1861 and twice reelected, according to his Britannica bio.

Despite his popularity, Juarez lost support later on in his career after he suggested changing the constitution.

Today, Juarez is remembered for transforming his ideas into a reality, which eventually helped the country overcome the prevalent social attitudes toward his Indian background.

Prior to his career, he obtained an education from the Oaxaca Institute of Arts and Sciences, which was later renamed the Benito Juárez Autonomous University of Oaxaca in his honor.

Was Benito Juarez married?

Prior to his death, Juarez was married to Margarita Maza.

The two first tied to knot in 1843 and were together until her death in 1871.

Maza was famously known as the Former First Lady of Mexico and held the position up until her death.

At the time, she had passed away from cancer.

Throughout the course of their marriage, the former couple welcomed 14 children together.

Benito Juarez was president from 1858 to 1972


Benito Juarez was president from 1858 to 1972Credit: Getty

What was Benito Juarez’s cause of death?

Juarez passed away on July 18, 1872, while still serving his country in Mexico City.

His cause of death was later determined to be a massive heart attack.

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