Unusual popularity, conversion to public rental sale – Thousands to 1… Early sale attractive

#Seongyun Kim, who got married last year, looks into the Korea Land and Housing Corporation (LH) subscription center every day. This is to check whether there are public rental apartments for sale in the metropolitan area. There is a reason why Mr. Kim is paying attention to the conversion to public rental sales. It is because he can decide to buy a house after living in the apartment once. Mr. Kim said, “Public rental apartments are sold at a lower price than the market price, and the rent is also relatively cheap compared to the surrounding market price.

The popularity of public rental conversion apartments is notoriously low. As a large number of end-users dream of ‘buying their own house’, the competition is at an all-time high.

The public rental conversion housing system was introduced with the purpose of providing homeless people with an opportunity to rent a house for a certain period of time at a low price and give them the opportunity to convert to sale later. The sale conversion price can be determined within a range that does not exceed the appraised value. The so-called ‘post-sale’ character is strong.

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