(Courtesy of the Kremlin)

Speculation on items banned from exporting raw materials to Russia … Stocks related to raw materials fluctuating

(Courtesy of the Kremlin)

As Russian President Putin ordered a ban on exports of Russian products and raw materials to non-friendly countries, including South Korea, speculation is rampant as to which items will fall under the ban. It is swept away, and stock prices of energy and industrial raw materials are fluctuating, so caution is required.

Earlier on the 3rd (local time), Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a presidential decree on the application of special economic measures bans the export of Russian products and raw materials. It is speculated that Russia’s export ban will include key raw materials that Russia holds a large stake in the world. Energy, such as coal, oil, and natural gas, and various raw materials such as copper, nickel, and naphtha, which are essential for the industry, are being mentioned as candidates.

As a result, stocks related to raw materials are fluctuating day by day. On the morning of May 6, when news came out that coal is highly likely to be included in the raw material export ban list, coal-related stock GS Global surged more than 9% in the beginning of the market, but in the afternoon it returned to the selling trend and closed down 2%. . Another coal-related stock, KPF, also surged on a similar graph, but ended down nearly 3% in the afternoon. On the other hand, LX International closed at 2.96% and maintained its uptrend.

Other key raw materials, such as copper and steel, were also mentioned, and related stocks fluctuated sharply. With expectations for an increase in sales due to supply and demand disruptions in raw materials and price hikes, Taihan Electric Wire continued its upward trend on May 6, ending the transaction up 13.33% from the previous trading day. On the other hand, KBI Metal showed an uptrend for a while in the afternoon, then fell again, ending the market with a decline of 2.39%.

On May 4th, stock prices of naphtha and plastic stocks fluctuated. Recently, the price of naphtha, which is a raw material for plastics and fibers, has risen to the highest level in 14 years. Accordingly, on May 4th, eco-plastics, a plastic stock, recorded the upper limit throughout the market, but on May 6th, there was no mention, and the market closed with a slight decline.

It seems that only the possibility of banned items is being discussed without any official announcement from Russia. Due to uncertain information, the stock price fluctuates even if it is the same raw material item, and it fluctuates sharply depending on the raw material attention is focused on that day.

Experts express the opinion that caution is necessary for investment in raw materials or stocks related to raw materials. Kim Sang-ho, an analyst at IBK Investment & Securities, said, “There is a possibility that the price of major raw materials, including energy, will continue to rise due to disruptions in the global supply chain from Russia. ‘ he warned.

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