Recession debate ignited… Far from ‘three thousand blood’, ‘box price’ for the time being?

The environment around the Korean stock market is unfavorable. High inflation, high interest rates, and high exchange rates are evident. In April, the consumer price index rose 4.8% from the same month a year earlier. This is the highest growth rate in 13 years and 6 months since October 2008 (4.8%). In response to hyperinflation, central banks in major developed countries, including the United States, are raising interest rates to higher-than-expected levels one after another. The won-dollar exchange rate continued to rise sharply enough to threaten 1,300 won.

Naturally, the economic downturn debate is heating up. Since the Korean stock market, which is an export open economy, is also directly affected by these concerns, a precise analysis should be followed when looking at the direction of the stock market. We analyze the key variables that influence the KOSPI and the major controversies surrounding it.

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