Mingyu Song, Co-CEO of Yellow Food | Kyochon IPO Success Leading… “French is an education business”

Despite the COVID-19 crisis, the chicken market has grown even bigger. The ‘Big 3’ (Kyochon, bhc, BBQ) changed the best performance one after another, and mid-tier brands with more than 500 affiliated stores also made a leap forward.

Yellow Food, which operates ‘Yellow Chicken’, is a representative example. The number of franchisees increased by nearly 50% from 414 at the end of 2019 before the Corona 19 crisis to about 600 as of May this year. Last year, sales and operating profit were 85.3 billion won and 10.5 billion won. Compared to other brands using No. 10 chicken, it is evaluated that the cost-effectiveness is excellent by using No. 12 chicken.

CEO Song Min-gyu (50), who was recruited from Kyochon last year, is considered the number one contributor. CEO Song is the person who led the listing of Kyochon. Of course, he asked, “Do you plan to list yellow food as well?” The answer is “No”. Rather, it is explained that Yellow Food joined because it was a ‘growing brand’.

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