Korea Development Bank’s next chairman, Hama-pyeong, is the key to moving to Busan… Lee Seok-jun and Kang Seok-hoon

“We agree on balanced regional development, but it should be the development of the whole country and it should be sustainable. Otherwise, it will just spread to the area.”

“I think it is necessary to cleanly align the term of the president with the term of a policy financial institution. It is an advanced action to select important policy institutions and match them with the government term, such as 2.5 or 5 years, and respect the terms of the remaining institutions.”

This is a statement of conviction by Lee Dong-geol, chairman of Korea Development Bank, at an online press conference recently. Chairman Lee strongly opposed the next government’s push to relocate Korea Development Bank to Busan. And he has clearly announced that he will step down from his current position.

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