Kelly Choi Chairman Kelly Deli | A dirty spoon girl goes to London’s ‘rejection’… The secret is ‘execution’

The girl suffered from extreme poverty from an early age. France has arrived after many twists and turns to escape from life at the bottom. After her hard work, Pina found her business, but her fate was turned away from her. Due to her business failure, she quickly ran into 1 billion won in debt. Depression came when I was living in a foreign country and had huge debts. She thought, ‘I can’t do this with this life’, so she ran to the Seine in Paris. Just as she was about to throw her body, she remembered her mother, who thought only of herself in her homeland. She changed her mind. She vowed to live. She went that way and she began to work at random. She spent her years doing all kinds of part-time jobs. Just in time, the ‘sushi’ craze blew in Paris. She wanted the opportunity to come. On the way she ran to the most famous Japanese sushi master in Paris. She begged and begged him to learn her recipe for sushi. She has since launched her very own sushi brand ‘Kelly Deli’ into her world. Her popularity exploded. She went beyond Paris and she conquered all of Europe. She moved her home base to London and started her own franchise business. The company soon became one of Europe’s leading food service franchises.

Kelly Choi (Korean name: Geum-rye Choi) is the story of the life of Kelly Deli Chairman (54). Born as a ‘dirt spoon’ in the countryside of Jeongeup, Jeollabuk-do, she has become a ‘reject’ with more wealth than Queen Elizabeth in the UK. She has recently been donating her talents, where she writes books, appears on TV, and tells her own secrets to success. Her books, ‘The Woman Who Sells Lunches in Paris’ and ‘Well Thinking’, have become bestsellers in Korea, selling over 150,000 copies. In an era where many young people are frustrated with her own situation, what is the story Kelly Choi wants to tell? Maekyung Economy shared her story with her.

Q Why did you decide to leave Korea and go abroad?

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