Diversification of tastes in ‘100 colors per person’ in the era of ‘hyper vertical’ marketing… Segment your target audience

‘Golf drink (Kwangdong Pharmaceutical)’ ‘Vegetarian nutritional supplement (iHerb)’ ’43 types of slacks (Musinsa)’ ‘Developer community (Tech Salon)’ ‘Career-specialized SNS (career)’… .

‘Hyper vertical (ultra-segmentation)’ marketing, which provides customized products and services by segmenting consumer needs and markets, is intensifying. Whereas in the past, consumers were mass-produced and consumed in large quantities with a uniform taste, ‘100 people, 1 color’, these days, ‘100 people, 100 colors’, which is produced in small quantities and consumed in small quantities, is ‘ The era of 100 colors per person has arrived.

▶ The narrower the customer base, the clearer the demand

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