Body Friend Releases ‘Memories of Massage’, an advertisement video featuring Rain and Kim Tae-hee

Body Friend released a new advertisement video to celebrate Family Month in May.

This new video of the non-Kim Tae-hee couple, which was recently released, summons the ‘memories of massage’ that anyone can have as a child.

The commercial video starts with Kim Tae-hee’s childhood scene. Young Kim Tae-hee squeezes her mother’s shoulder with her bracken-like hand, “Are you cool?” Following Kim Tae-hee’s current appearance. Kim Tae-hee’s narration, “I want to massage with my hands every day,” flows along with the scene where she is looking at her album in the living room and reminiscing about her past. After that, she introduced Body Friend’s ‘Finger Moving Technology’ as she shifted to massaging her husband Rain’s shoulder as she massaged her mother’s shoulder when she was young. ‘Finger moving’ is Bodyfriend’s original technology that realizes a massage that is close to the taste of the hand.

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