Is Vireal taking up a challenge on Insta and TikTok?... Soaring popularity of SNS containing only ‘Real’

Is Vireal taking up a challenge on Insta and TikTok?… Soaring popularity of SNS containing only ‘Real’

A notification ‘Time to BeReal’ appears on the smartphone. The person receiving the alarm must take a picture of the ‘raw’ state within two minutes and upload it to the app. Posts can only be uploaded once per day, and there are no filters or pretense. Social media ‘BeReal’, which promotes sharing of ‘real life’ of the present moment instead of ‘fake daily life’ decorated like this, is recently popular in the US and UK.

The British Times analyzed Vireal’s popularity factors, naming Vireal as ‘Instagram’s rival’. According to mobile analytics company Dataai, the cumulative number of downloads of Vireal has exceeded 5 million. Of these, 65%, or about 3.2 million, occurred this year.

Vireal, which has emerged as a new powerhouse in the social media world, is similar to Facebook in that it can communicate with friends, but differs in that it directly rejects the rules of existing social media.

(provided by Vireal)

(provided by Vireal)

Vireal, as the name suggests, pursues a simple method of use. Camera shooting does not support any filters, editing, etc. In addition, there is a system that allows you to view photos of your friends by uploading your own photo, so so-called ‘peeping’ is prohibited. Vireal said, “The app did not focus on the number of followers and likes or filters like in existing social media, but focused on authenticity and improvisation of users.”

Vireal, which states that ‘you can only upload raw, undecorated photos once a day,’ is growing based on the early to mid-20s. Vireal, which was launched in December 2019, attracted $30 million (about 37.4 billion won) of investment from Andreessen Horowitz, a famous venture capital in Silicon Valley, in June last year. In the first quarter of 2022, it ranked 4th in downloads in the US, UK, and France after Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest. Recently, the service started in Asian countries including Korea.

On the other hand, some say that Vireal’s popularity will not last long as there are many social media sites dreaming of the ‘next TikTok’. TechCrunch, the largest IT media in North America, pointed out that Vireal is not a completely new concept of social media.

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