Is Tre Melvin dead?

YOUTUBER Tre Melvin has sent his fans into disarray after he posted his obituary on social media.

Fans who assumed the actor had died were initially devastated when he posted the image.

Tre Melvin shocked fans by posting his obituary on social media


Tre Melvin shocked fans by posting his obituary on social mediaCredit: Getty

Who is Tre Melvin?

Tré Melvin is an American actor, writer, producer, singer, songwriter, designer, poet, philanthropist, and YouTube personality.

He was born in the city of Dayton, Ohio in 1992.

Melvin began acting professionally at the age of 12, starring in a variety of stage plays, musicals, television commercials, short films, and radio spots.

He is widely known for his YouTube sketch, parody, social commentary, and short-form episodic programming.

On June 22, 2022, Melvin was involved in a car crash with his friend, Kathreya.

A tweet from his Twitter account confirmed the accident a day later, saying they both “suffered brain injuries” but while Melvin was stable, “Kathy” was unresponsive.

It was later confirmed Kathreya died as a result of the accident.

Is Tre Melvin dead?

On Wednesday May 4, 2022, Tre Melvin posted his obituary on his social media platforms.

At first look, his fans were devastated.

But they soon realised that in the image posted with the obituary, it stated his birth date and his death date as May 6, 2022 – two days into the future.

His obituary said: “An outdated variant of Dayton, Ohio-born actor, writer, producer, singer, songwriter, designer, poet, philanthropist, clairvoyant, and digital creator Tré Melvin peacefully departed this life, for the thousandth time, on Friday, May 6, 2022,” the obituary said. “Upon his deathbed, he documented his final thoughts.”

After learning the YouTuber hadn’t died, fans were outraged and flooded his comments to share their thoughts on the announcement.

“Honestly bad marketing. Don’t play with death. Nothing funny or cute about this ad,” a commenter wrote on Instagram.

“Not funny.. A future dated death?” another user added.

Twitter users expressed similar views:

“This is too much. I was in shock and then sadness before I realized this is a joke. At least I hope it is. Don’t do this to people,” commented one fan.


Melvin, however, told Blavity exclusively that the obituary was posted ahead of his new single “Die 1,000 Times.” He added that there’s a thought-provoking message behind the controversial marketing move.

“I chose to explore the cycle of death in this particular chapter to venerate my late best friend, Katherya Pacheco, and each of my benevolent ancestors,” he tells Blavity. “Each individual’s relationship with death differs from the next. Many view it to be taboo; too frightening a subject to discuss. But one thing I’ve learned from the car collision that rendered Kathy and I unconscious in June of 2020, and her earthly passing the following day, is that death is everything but.”

When did Tre Melvin start YouTube?

Melvin first joined YouTube October 9, 2011.

Since then, he has accumulated over 7 million followers across all social platforms and more than 1 billion video views worldwide.

At the time of writing, the YouTuber has 3.21m subscribers.

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