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Open Run ‘Wonsoju’ follow-up product, buy at convenience stores… GS25 ‘Wonsoju Spirit’ sales start in July

(provided with soju)

From July, the new soju product ‘Wonso Juice Spirit’ made by singer Jay Park will be sold at its online mall (Wonsoju) and convenience store GS25.

Wonju Spirit is a soju distilled by fermenting ‘Totomi’ rice in Wonju, Gangwon-do. This product compensated for the shortcomings of Wonju wine, which could not be mass-produced because it had to be aged in pottery. Wonju spirit is 24 degrees, which is higher than the original 22 degrees of Wonju liquor, and the sale price is under discussion, but it will be set lower than Wonju (14,900 won). GS25 and One Spirits announced that they made the original juice spirit by optimizing the alcohol content and aging process to be suitable for mass production while maintaining the identity of the original drink.

The decision to sell GS25 among major convenience stores is believed to be due to the influence of GS Retail’s distribution network. GS Retail has a nationwide distribution network such as GS25 and GS The Fresh. According to the industry, GS25 has 15,400 stores nationwide. In addition, it has the advantage of being able to link with ‘Wine 25 Plus’, a liquor smart order service.

Oh Jin-seok, head of GS Retail’s platform BU, said, “I am proud to be able to showcase the soju that many distributors have been interested in at GS25. “He said. Regarding the expansion of sales outlets, Park Jae-beom, CEO of One Spirits, said, “Through strategic alliance with GS Retail, which has liquor distribution platforms such as GS25 and Wine 25 Plus, One Spirits will go beyond the realm of culture with the MZ generation and strengthen communication in the retail area. “He said.

In the case of ‘Wonsoju’, which was released earlier, an ‘open run’ was held in which consumers lined up before the opening of the offline store, and all 20,000 bottles were sold. Due to such popularity, orders could be placed in its online mall, and at one time, more than 30 times the amount was sold due to an error in the shopping mall system. If you convert the order volume on that day into cash, it exceeds 952.33 million won.

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