SK Shielders launches 'wearable airbag' for industrial safety...  Do you want to take advantage of the 'Severe Disaster Act' ahead of the IPO?

SK Shielders launches ‘wearable airbag’ for industrial safety… Do you want to take advantage of the ‘Severe Disaster Act’ ahead of the IPO?

The convergence security platform ‘Sermits’ is applied to the ‘wearable airbag’ that SK Shielders, a security company of the SK group, launched in collaboration with Safewear. The product is expected to prevent fall accidents for workers working in high-risk areas such as construction sites.

On the 2nd, SK Shielders launched a ‘wearable airbag’ made by Safeware, an industrial goods manufacturer. Then, it announced that it plans to link the company’s intelligent security platform ‘Sermits’ to the airbag.

This service is expected to serve as a safety device for workers who work in high-risk areas such as construction sites. SK Shielders is taking the lead in the industrial safety market that has emerged rapidly with the enforcement of the “Severe Accidents Act (Act on Punishment of Serious Accidents, etc.)” in January.

Among the various accidents, the company paid particular attention to the ‘fall’. This is because the number of deaths due to fall accidents is overwhelmingly high. The ‘wearable airbag’ is equipped with a ‘speed measuring/satellite positioning system (GPS)’ sensor to recognize when a worker falls from a high place. When a danger is detected, it releases carbon dioxide (CO2) in 0.2 seconds to inflate its body to protect major parts of the body, such as the neck and spine. In the event of an accident, a notification message is sent to the site manager through its own safety application.

“It will be useful in high-risk sites with workers working at heights, such as construction, manufacturing sites, and distribution centers,” said Safeware.

In addition, the ‘Sermits’ platform identifies whether a worker is wearing an airbag based on the information collected by the airbag detection sensor. In addition, it detects harmful gases, temperature, and fire with its own Internet of Things (IoT) sensor, and analyzes closed circuit (CC) TV images in the workplace in real time based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology to determine whether there is a risk.

The industry analyzed that the government’s industrial safety regulations will act as a boost for SK Shielders, which is scheduled for an IPO this month. Park Jin-hyo, CEO of SK Shields, also mentioned at an IPO online press conference on April 26th, “Strengthening regulations, such as the Serious Disaster Punishment Act, which has been in effect since this year, is pouring oil into convergence security.”

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