Paranoid tyrant Putin suffering from early stage Dementia, says former KGB agent

VLADIMIR Putin is likely to be suffering from Parkinson’s and early stage Dementia while his paranoia and fear over traitors is driving him insane, a former KGB agent has said.

The Russian tyrant’s health has long been the source of speculation, with Western intelligence suggesting he has serious health issues.

Putin at Orthodox Easter mass at the Christ The Saviour Cathedral in Moscow


Putin at Orthodox Easter mass at the Christ The Saviour Cathedral in MoscowCredit: Getty

Despite Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov insisting Putin’s health is “excellent”, his recent public appearances following the shambolic Ukraine invasion have sparked rumours about his physical state.

But ex-Russian spy Boris Karpichkov, 62, said even members of Putin’s inner circle would not be told about the state of his health in order to protect his “strongman” image.

The Russian defector, who now lives in the UK, said paranoid Putin views everyone as a “traitor” – and his health was an “especially sensitive issue” .

The former double agent told The Sun Online: “He is – or at least acts – insane and obsessed by paranoia ideas.

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“He sees literally everyone, including those inside the Russian security services and even inside his close inner circle, to be ‘traitors’.

“He is so suspicious and so obsessed with his paranoia ideas that he can be now compared with Stalin tyrant.”

Mr Karpichkov said it is likely Mad Vlad is suffering from “numerous” health conditions, such as the early stages of Dementia and Parkinson’s.

He said: “I am not a medic myself… but there is a serious concern that Putin is suffering from numerous physical health conditions – possibly from the sport injuries during his younger years.

“This is along with some issues which affect older people – such as Dementia in the early stages.

“But he is well known in his inner circle as a person who ‘does not forget anything’ and who recalls details of many people he met.

“Another potential issue might be – judging from how he moves – that Putin can is suffering from the initial stages of either Parkinson’s, or another serious disorder caused by some form of cancer, brain tumour, for example.”

Kremlin officials have always denied there is anything wrong with their leader, who turns 70 in October.

But Putin appeared confused and out of breath as he wheezed his way through his latest speech, threatening the West with nuclear weapons.

The president seemed to struggle to catch his breath and paused several times during the address to politicians, stumbling over his words and looking exhausted.

And last week, during talks with his defence minister Sergey Shoigu, the elderly tyrant was filmed gripping the table and slouching, sparking further rumours he may be suffering from Parkinson’s.

Professor Erik Bucy, a body language expert from Texas Tech University, told The Sun Online upon watching the video: “It’s an astonishingly weakened Putin compared to the man we observed even a few years ago.

“An able-bodied president would not need to keep himself propped up with a hand held out for leverage and would not be concerned about keeping both feet planted on the ground.”

And the Russian leader’s hands trembled violently in a video clip showing him greeting Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko at the Kremlin.

Putin speaks at the Tauride Palace in Saint Petersburg on April 27


Putin speaks at the Tauride Palace in Saint Petersburg on April 27Credit: Getty
Putin meets with Mikhail Degtyaryov, governor of the Khabarovsk region, in Moscow


Putin meets with Mikhail Degtyaryov, governor of the Khabarovsk region, in MoscowCredit: AFP
Putin speaks during the Council of Lawnmakers at the Tauride Palace


Putin speaks during the Council of Lawnmakers at the Tauride PalaceCredit: Getty

The footage showed a frail-looking Putin holding his hand out to greet Lukashenko before retracting and walking around the room.

His knees then buckle as he walks to embrace his Belarusian counterpart in the undated footage.

It’s the latest video calling the monster’s health into question after recent footage showed Putin biting his lips and fidgeting distractedly at a church service on Sunday further stoked claims the autocrat has a terminal illness.

On Tuesday, a video seemed to show him limp and grimace as he walked during talks in Moscow with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

And in a separate video, a dishevelled Putin was seen gripping a table and tapping his foot in video that Kremlin watchers claimed showed a drastic decline in his physical state.

Experts have also pointed out that he looks “bloated” and “weakened” and has even seen a doctor who specialises in Thyroid cancer.

Putin has long prided himself on his “strongman” image but his dramatic change over the past few years has prompted speculation that he may be suffering from a severe physical illness.

The despot seems to be always surrounded by security, following a detailed programme and only attending a small number of meetings- for a short time.

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It appears that every bit of the dictator’s life has been carefully planned, only feeding speculations about his health.

And he is believed to be followed by a team of doctors who carefully monitor his health.

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