(Provided by E-Mart 24)

If you buy a lunch box at E-Mart 24, Apple and Tesla stocks… For customers who open a new account at Shinhan Investment Corp.

(Provided by E-Mart 24)

Starting today, customers who have not opened Shinhan Investment Corp. at Emart 24 convenience stores can receive 1 share of stock in 12 US companies when they buy a lunch box. E-Mart 24 plans to pre-sell 20,000 US stock lunch boxes for three days from May 2 to 4 through a mobile app reservation purchase method, and from May 7 onwards, they will be sold in offline stores. It is a so-called ‘open American stock’ lunch box. Focusing on the fact that young people mainly consume convenience store lunch boxes, this event is held to expand Shinhan Financial Investment’s MZ generation customers.

In ‘U.S. stocks when you open it’, a coupon that allows you to receive a random share of 12 stocks from 12 companies including Tesla, Microsoft, Apple, Walt Disney, Nike, and Coca-Cola is enclosed. If you open a new non-face-to-face Comprehensive Asset Management (CMA) account with Shinhan Investment through the QR code of the coupon enclosed in the lunchbox, you can receive one US stock. Customers who have an existing Shinhan Investment Account cannot participate. Customers who purchase lunch boxes must complete coupon input by May 31 to receive stocks, and stocks will be paid to the newly opened non-face-to-face CMA account by June 15.

The event runs until May 31st. However, when all 50,000 stocks prepared by E-Mart 24 are registered, it is automatically terminated.

Last year, E-Mart 24, along with Hana Financial Investment, showed good results by introducing a stock lunch box that gives stocks of domestic companies. At that time, 40,000 lunch boxes were sold out, and 25,000 of the 30,000 stocks prepared were registered.

An E-Mart 24 official said, “In the case of the stock lunch box of a domestic company introduced in the same way last year, 40,000 were sold out. . Jin-geun Yang, head of Shinhan Financial Investment’s customer-focused trip, said, “This event was planned so that the MZ generation can enjoy overseas stock investment using their favorite convenience store lunch box.” plan to do it,” he said.

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