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“Confirmation of Corona with Saliva”… PCL ‘surges’ on self-kit approval

(Maekyung DB)

The share price of medical supplies manufacturing company PCL (PCL) was strong in the early market on May 2. This is because the PCL self-test kit, which can check whether or not a person is infected with COVID-19 only with saliva (saliva), has been approved for the first time in Korea.

As of 10:50 am on May 2nd, PCL was trading at KRW 3,300 on the KOSDAQ market, up 11.60% from the previous trading day. At one point, it soared to 33,500 won.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety announced that it has approved one product, an antigen test-type self-testing kit that allows individuals to directly use saliva as a sample to check for virus infection. The product approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety is PCL’s ‘PCL self-test COVID19 Ag’. This is a self-test kit that can check for infection only with saliva in the mouth, rather than the conventional method of collecting a sample from the nose (nasal).

The method of use is similar to the existing self-test kit. Use a funnel to spit into the solution container instead of runny nose, and then mix it with the extract before use. After that, drop the mixture on the test device and wait for 10 minutes.

The product is known to have passed the sensitivity of 90% or more and specificity of 99% or more, which are the standards for self-test kit approval. Sensitivity refers to the probability that a test result of a patient with disease is positive, and specificity refers to the probability that a test result of a patient without disease is negative.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety said, “If various test methods are introduced with the approval of this saliva self-test kit, it is expected that it will help increase the convenience of use for children and the elderly.”

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