(Provided by Lotte Home Shopping)

Buying NFTs in KRW on the Lotte Home Shopping mobile app… First in the retail industry

(Provided by Lotte Home Shopping)

Lotte Home Shopping introduced ‘NFT Shop (SHOP)’, which allows you to purchase and hold NFT (Non-Fungible Token) within the Lotte Home Shopping mobile app. The NFT shop supports NFT transactions in KRW, and purchased NFTs are stored in the ‘MY NFT Wallet’ within the app.

Recently, interest in NFT has increased and various companies are holding NFT planning and gift events, but this is the first case in the retail industry to open a marketplace that supports NFT transactions. Since the NFT shop is opened on Lotte Home Shopping’s own mobile app, it has the advantage of being easier to access than the existing NFT trading platform. It plans to collaborate with ‘Lambda 256’, a subsidiary of ‘Dunamu’ within this year, to promote secondary sales of NFTs on ‘Opensea’, the world’s largest NFT trading platform.

On May 2nd, Lotte Home Shopping will use ‘Belligom’, a popular character (IP, intellectual property right) of Lotte Home Shopping, to sell limited edition 300 Belligom NFTs to commemorate the opening. Beligom NFT is a 60-second 3D video in collaboration with Noh Jun, a sculptor famous for his animal character series work. On May 4th, the new series NFT of ‘More King’, a writer who visualizes abstract concepts into characters, and the movie ‘Witch 2’ NFT, which is about to be released from May 9th, will be introduced sequentially. To commemorate the opening, from April 28 to May 4, Lotte Home Shopping virtual model Lucy’s ‘Lucy Land NFT’ will be provided to the first 10,000 customers who have created an NFT wallet in the Lotte Home Shopping mobile app.

Jinho Jinho, head of Lotte Home Shopping’s Digital Business Division, said, “We expect that ‘NFT SHOP’, the first attempt in the distribution industry, will be easily and conveniently used by various age groups as well as the MZ generation, who recently enjoy consuming virtual digital content. We plan to provide industry-leading virtual environment shopping services through NFT and various forms of collaboration.”

NFT refers to a virtual asset created by combining a digital creation with a blockchain. By giving a unique data value to a digital file, an individual has ‘independent ownership’. The NFT market has recently expanded from games, music, and art to characters, and has more than quadrupled compared to 2020 last year.

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