While the transition committee foreshadows the realization of 2 million won per month for soldiers, some points out that 'complementary measures' are needed in various parts of society.  (Maekyung DB)

‘Soldier’s monthly salary of 2 million won’ Gender conflict erupts again… ‘Gapron’ in all parts of society

While the transition committee foreshadows the realization of 2 million won per month for soldiers, some points out that ‘complementary measures’ are needed in various parts of society. (Maekyung DB)

Concerns are growing in various parts of society as the Presidential Transition Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Transition Committee) promises to pay a ‘soldier’s salary of 2 million won’. We sympathize and understand the purpose, but there is a strong public opinion that the system should be supplemented according to reality.

On April 27, the transition committee emphasized that “the elected person has a very strong will to keep and to realize” regarding the inclusion of Yoon Seok-yeol’s promise of a ‘soldier salary of 2 million won’ to be included in the national task. It is known that the transition committee is currently reviewing various payment methods, such as a ‘compound type’ method, in which the soldiers’ salaries are slightly increased and the rest is paid in large sums of money.

The argument that ‘a careful approach is necessary’ is strongly raised mainly in the political circles and women’s circles.

Former People’s Strength lawmaker Yoon Hee-sook appeared on a radio broadcast on April 28 and said, “I don’t think it’s difficult to judge that a promise like 2 million won in salary for a soldier is just as urgent as putting the people who are down from Corona on track, regardless of how urgent it is.” . She expressed her opinion that as resources are limited, she should control her timing.

In a community with many female users, there was an opinion that in order to give soldiers a monthly salary of 2 million won, the same amount of job search expenses should be provided to women of the same age. The author who wrote an article in a community titled ‘I am against 2 million won in salary for a soldier’ ​​said, “I don’t know where to get the funds for 2 million won. In the end, they are going to give them with the blood of office workers of the same age, but if that is the case, wouldn’t women in their 20s who are having trouble finding a job also have to provide 2 million won each for job search expenses for about a year?” he emphasized. She added, “There are a lot of places that are really needed, such as single mothers and single-parent families, but does it make sense to spread cash just to get some votes from men in their 20s through populism?”

On the other hand, as the salary increase for soldiers has become a reality, the number of people who want to support elementary officers, such as sergeants and second lieutenants, seems to be decreasing. The amount they receive is similar, but the tendency to avoid executives who have a long service period and have many responsibilities on the job is notable. In the case of ROTC, one of the officer training courses, each university has recently significantly increased the filing period. The application period was extended because there were not many applicants within the application period and the competition rate was low. In some universities, it is known that there are even cases where candidates who have already been accepted drop out.

One school corps candidate, who requested anonymity, said, “If you receive corps training and retire, you will be given a number of days in the military. There are some candidates who think that it is better to work as a soldier after retirement and serve for a short period of time with a salary of 2 million won, rather than having to suffer all kinds of restrictions at school,” he said.

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