Putin 'will disappear to have cancer op' as Moscow to seek 'payback' on Ukraine

Putin ‘will disappear to have cancer op’ as Moscow to seek ‘payback’ on Ukraine

KYIV police say they discovered evidence of another mass grave in Bucha – with fears Putin’s troops are committing horrific war crimes.

Bucha has become synonymous with allegations of Russian crimes throughout the war, as Ukrainian police reported finding three bodies

The three bodies found in a pit were “brutally killed” by Russian soldiers – each shot in the head, the police said in a statement.

It read: “The victims’ hands were tied, cloths were covering their eyes and some were gagged. There are traces of torture on the corpses.”

The news comes as Russian assassins were just “minutes away” from killing President Zelenskyy and his family, the Ukrainian leader has revealed.

The hero president spoke in detail of the imminent danger he was in as war broke out in Ukraine during the early days of the Russian invasion.

Zelensky, 44, said kill teams of Russian special forces were parachuted into Kyiv on the day of the invasion.

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