Michael Jackson ‘let guards bludgeon rabbits and chuck them to alligators’

HEARTLESS Michael Jackson would let his guards bludgeon bunnies to death before chucking them to his alligators in front of terrified kids, the star’s made has revealed.

The King of Pop also allowed his child pals to hurl huge rocks at his terrified lion Kimber, let his elephants be chained by their legs in tiny enclosures – and even encouraged visitors to pet his giraffes even though the animals had previously attacked an adult and a youngster, she said.

Jackson's former maid Adrian McManus has spoken out about animal cruelty she witnessed at Neverland


Jackson’s former maid Adrian McManus has spoken out about animal cruelty she witnessed at NeverlandCredit: JDMC
The star had a huge collection of exotic animals


The star had a huge collection of exotic animalsCredit: Rex

Adrian McManus, 60, who used to be one of Jacko’s personal maids said it still breaks her heart to think about how the singer’s animals were treated at his Neverland zoo.

It comes after The Sun revealed how Jackson delighted in watching his kids run riot, attacking kids and staff.

In one sickening incident, McManus said she witnessed guards grab a live bunny, smash its heads on some rocks, then throw it to Jackson’s collection of alligators.

“Michael had a pool built with a secure fence where he housed around four or five alligators,” she said.

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“They were huge creatures, about six feet long. The only people ever allowed in were the handlers, but Michael liked to look over the fence to see them being fed.

“During one lunch break I was down there with some of the maids, just looking at the animals. One of Michael’s bodyguards, not an animal handler, just walked into the gated area, carrying a big white rabbit.

I thought I was going to vomit, but instead I burst into tears.”

Adrian McManus, Jackson’s former maid

“On the edge of the pond, the guard flipped the rabbit upside down and pummeled its head into the cement.

“Blood splattered everywhere and then he threw it to the gators. It utterly shocked me to the point where I thought I was going to vomit, but instead I burst into tears.

“I ran away from that fence immediately and jumped on a golf cart and headed back to the main house. It took me days to get over it.

“Those guys carried guns, frightened many of us and we were afraid of them.”

McManus, who was the star’s maid from 1990-1994, said it soon became a regular occurrence and that the twisted ritual would sometimes be carried out in front of Jackson’s terrified child pals.

“This became quite common with different staff doing similar killings,” she said.


“And it got to a point where Michael heard about this new ritual, probably because some of the kids and maids were upset.

“I was told Michael told the guards: ‘Don’t be doing that when the kids come around’. But it was too late because some of the children had already seen them do that.

“It was not a warning to not behave so despicably, but simply an order to not upset the kids.

“A member of the security team told me that some of the bodyguards were doing the same with rabbits and rats to feed the snakes.

“The treatment was cruel and inhumane.”

McManus also recalls how the elephants, giraffes and lion were badly treated too.


MJ even let his child pals through huge rocks at his terrified lion Kimber.

“One of the most horrible things I saw was how the lion was treated,” McManus recalls.

“Michael would be with the kids, walking them around the enclosures.

“Some of the little boys would pick up rocks, the size of tennis balls, and throw them at the cage.

“Many of them were too big to get through the bars, but it rattled them and upset the creature greatly.

“They were trying to make the lion Kimber roar. But he was more scared and cowered to the back, fearing more attacks.

“It meant the lion seemed nervous and on edge. Certainly staff were very wary about going near the lion.


“Michael saw all this unfold often and never said anything to the kids.”

When inspectors came the poor lion was drugged and taken away because Jackson didn’t have the right permits, McManus alleges.

“If they knew a visit from The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was coming, they drugged him up and took him away,” she said.

Jacko also encouraged kids and visitors to pet giraffes even after they cut a man’s head open and left a child crying in pain.

“One day I went into work and there was chaos in the animal enclosures, because a guest had been hurt by a giraffe,” she said.


“I was told the giraffe simply swung his long neck around and its head smashed into a guest’s face. 

“It left him in excruciating pain and had cut open part of his face.

“The man’s injuries were so deep and significant that he needed stitches to repair the damage.

“But we never learned what happened to him and anyone asking questions would be told to stop. It was all hushed up.

“Another occasion a giraffe was meeting kids at a family day Michael had laid on… but one child was knocked to the floor because the creature thought it was some treats. 

“I saw the kid’s head struck by the curious giraffe, which sent him falling really hard on the tough turf. He was holding his head and crying in pain.


“Nothing was done and guests seemed to just brush it off because it was Michael’s house.

“That incident never stopped guests being told it was okay to pet or interact with the giraffes.

“It was heartbreaking because those creatures had no idea of how to deal with people, but were treated like circus animals.”

Heartbreakingly she also saw elephants, chained up by the legs and cruel bullhooks in tiny enclosures

“I saw elephants in the habitat which seemed very small areas for animals that size. They were close together and had very little room to exercise.

“Every time I saw them there their legs were chained up. I saw guys who worked there holding these long metal bars with round hooks, which I believe were bull hooks. 

Jackson kept alligators and snakes


Jackson kept alligators and snakesCredit: Getty
He also kept chimps including Bubbles, pictured


He also kept chimps including Bubbles, picturedCredit: Getty
Ross Kemp fronted a recent documentary delving into the fate of the animals Jacko kept


Ross Kemp fronted a recent documentary delving into the fate of the animals Jacko keptCredit: Not known, clear with picture desk
Ali the elephant was rescued from Neverland in 1997


Ali the elephant was rescued from Neverland in 1997Credit: Facebook/Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens
Neverland, a sprawling ranch in Santa Maria, California


Neverland, a sprawling ranch in Santa Maria, CaliforniaCredit: AP:Associated Press
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“The elephants never looked happy and I felt terrible for them.”

Michael Jackson’s family have always denied he abused or mistreated animals.

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