Salary jump up in the age of big job turnover? career bubble?

“Until a few years ago, if you entered the company through fierce competition, you persevered even if it was difficult, but these days, the atmosphere has changed 180 degrees. The MZ generation leaves without any regrets if they do not like the corporate culture or if there is a place that pays a little more. We don’t care about the company’s name value, we just focus on real-world value.” Toroda, a HR manager at a large corporation.

As the concept of a ‘lifetime job’ disappears and a culture that values ​​ransom spreads, job turnover has become one of the trends and top concerns of the MZ generation. Even if they join large companies such as Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix that everyone envies, the number of office workers who want to move to a company with better conditions has increased dramatically if given the opportunity. There is even a new term called ‘professional resigner’, which refers to office workers who repeatedly leave and change jobs.

Of course, it’s not just about looking at your salary and leaving. Many people choose companies with short working hours or free use of vacation, so-called ‘work-life balance’. There are many office workers who are anxious right now, but boldly choose promising startups because of their growth potential. Let’s take a look at the changing job change trends in the ‘big job change era’.

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