A teaser for 'WONSOJU SPIRIT', the second distilled soju presented by One Spirits.  (Provided by One Spirits)

‘Park Jae-beom Soju’ 2nd volume is out… New product ‘Wonsoju Spirit’ with lower price released in July

A teaser for ‘WONSOJU SPIRIT’, the second distilled soju presented by One Spirits. (Provided by One Spirits)

One Spirits, founded by singer Jae-beom Park, introduces a new product ‘WONSOJU SPIRIT’.

Wonsoju Spirit is the second product following ‘Wonsoju’, which One Spirits started selling through its online store in March. Like Wonju, it is a distilled soju, but it is different from the previous products in that it is not aged. In order to convey the pure taste and flavor of the distilled spirits before the aging process, they were not aged, and the alcohol was released at 24 degrees.

The product name also has a double meaning. ‘Spirit’ in the product name is a dictionary meaning of soul and spirit, and it refers to the distilled undiluted solution and at the same time refers to the spirit of One Spirits to promote distilled soju to the world.

The spirit of Wonju will be released at a lower price than Wonju. According to One Spirits Online’s own online store, the price of a single bottle of Wonju is 14,900 won. The spirit of Wonju is classified as a regional specialty like Wonju, so it can be sold online even though it is an alcoholic beverage. It will be sold online and offline at the same time from July.

Meanwhile, One Spirits signed a business agreement with Wonju Agricultural Cooperatives in Gangwon-do on April 28 and decided to use Wonju rice ‘Totomi’ for this Wonju spirit product. If the export of Totomi from Wonju starts in earnest in the future, the usage is expected to increase further. One Spirits plans to promote the development of regional specialties and local specialties based on the excellence of Korean distilled soju to the world.

Jae-beom Park, CEO of One Spirits, said, “This original spirit is a product that has not been aged.

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