Jusung Engineering, a manufacturer with a profit margin of 30%… Exceeded 1 trillion won in market cap

From a loss of 25.1 billion won to a surplus of 102.6 billion won.

Jusung Engineering’s performance last year compared to 2020. Sales growth is also staggering. In 2020 alone, consolidated sales were about 118.5 billion won. However, it jumped to 377.2 billion won last year after a year. The results of the first quarter of this year are also open mouth. The sales in the first quarter alone reached 109.2 billion won, which is close to the annual sales in 2020. Operating profit is 31.5 billion won, boasting a profit margin of 30%, which is difficult to achieve as a manufacturer. Stock prices are also upward sloping. The stock price, which was in the early-mid 10,000 won range just a year ago, has recently jumped to the mid-20,000 won range. The market cap also easily surpassed 1 trillion won, fluctuating around 1.1 trillion won. What happened to Jusung Engineering?

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