(Source = Reuters)

Apple started ‘iPhone self-repair’, but ‘save only 4,000 won’ by replacing the LCD yourself

(Source = Reuters)

Although Apple has started a ‘self-repair’ service that allows users to fix their iPhones on their own, some point out that it is not much different from the cost of entrusting it to a service center.

According to US local media such as the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and CNBC on April 27 (local time), Apple opened an Internet site that sells genuine parts for products including iPhones. Users can repair themselves by ordering replacement parts and dedicated tools for products that need repair.

There are currently over 200 parts and tools sold online that can be used to repair the ‘iPhone 12’ and ‘iPhone 13’ series, as well as the ‘iPhone SE’ 3rd generation. You can also rent the tools for a week if you don’t want to buy the whole thing. Parts for MacBook repair will be added later.

The WSJ took the iPhone 12 mini as an example for self-repair service and expressed a question about whether there is little difference in cost compared to using a service center. On Apple’s Internet site, a genuine LCD screen replacement for the iPhone 12 mini is sold for $225.96. On the other hand, if a consumer uses the Apple service center in the conventional way, the LCD screen can be replaced for $229. Considering that replacing the LCD screen is not an easy task for non-professionals, self-repair can save only $3 (about 3,800 won).

Moreover, if there are no parts or equipment used for repair, they must also be purchased or rented. Each screw costs 19 cents, and a week’s rental of equipment is $49. If these costs are added, the self-repair price can be rather expensive. Apple said that it will not provide technical support through phone calls or other calls if any questions or problems arise during repairs.

Initially, Apple had strict rules that only allowed repairs made through Apple Stores or authorized suppliers on its products, but recently introduced self-repair services as the U.S. government directed to improve consumer choice of repair rights. . In July 2021, US President Joe Biden signed an executive order outlawing manufacturers’ practice of limiting repairs and extending users’ rights to make repairs. In October of the same year, the US Patent and Trademark Office effectively enacted the extension of the right to repair.

However, it seems difficult to avoid criticism that the self-repair price was given the right to repair only the ‘pattern’ in a situation in which consumers do not feel the advantage compared to visiting the service center.

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