Why are you buying Porsche, Benz, and Tesla? Genesis GV70EV

Why are you buying Porsche, Benz, and Tesla? Genesis GV70EV

Until the mid-2010s, Genesis was born with the desire to catch Mercedes-Benz and BMW, which are synonymous with ‘premium imported cars’, but was dismissed as a sense of pain (baseless confidence). However, Genesis, who had been depressed by the complex, was finally recognized for its performance, design, quality and safety in the US and Europe with the G80 and GV80.

Genesis, which gained confidence, released the second internal combustion engine model derivative model, the GV70 Electric Vehicle (EV), this year. As a live model, the GV70 EV is not much different from the existing GV70 in appearance. The total length × width × height is 4715 × 1910 × 1630 mm. It is the same as the existing GV70. The wheelbase, which determines the interior space, is 2875 mm, just like the existing GV70. Just as the size is the same, the appearance is not very different from the existing GV70. However, as a design element that informs the presence of electric vehicles, they pursued the charm of ‘same as different’. From the front, the radiator grill was blocked like an electric car. The front grille applied a G-matrix pattern for electric vehicles. The charging port on the grill is neatly finished. The back was also clean. A wide and concise horizontal bumper was placed. The muffler tip is also gone. There is a difference in the details. The 12.3-inch cluster with a graphical user interface (GUI) dedicated to the electrified model is a high-tech image. It was made based on the existing internal combustion engine model and the battery was placed under the body to secure the same level of space in the second row as the GV70. The trunk capacity is 503 liters and the trunk capacity is 22 liters. It is also equipped with the V2L (Vehicle to Load) function, which was praised by the ‘E-GMP electric vehicle’ Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6. It is a system that supplies general power (220V) to the outside of the vehicle. It provides up to 3.6 kW of power consumption higher than that used in general households, allowing electronic devices to be used without restrictions. It is equipped with a 77.4㎾h battery and can travel 400km on a single charge. It is also equipped with a 400V/800V multi-quick charging system. In case of 350kW class ultra-quick charging, it can be charged from 10% to 80% of the battery capacity in 18 minutes. The combined power consumption efficiency (based on 19 inches) is 4.5 km/kWh. A motor with a maximum output of 160kW and a maximum torque of 350Nm is applied to the front and rear wheels, respectively. The combined maximum output is 320kW and the combined maximum torque is 700Nm. If you use the boost mode brought from the GV60, the maximum output is strong to 360kW. The e-terrain mode, which is strong on sand, mud, and snow, is also adopted. In Comfort mode, it is as quiet as a car made by Lexus, the ‘pronoun of quietness’. If you use the i-Pedal mode, you can accelerate, decelerate, and even stop using the accelerator pedal. Ride comfort is excellent even on bumpy and unpaved roads and speed bump sections. This is the effect of adopting an electronically controlled suspension that uses front camera and navigation information to determine road surface information in advance and then controls the damping force. If you press the accelerator pedal after changing to the sport mode, the hidden power is released at once. The stability of the vehicle body is excellent even when driving in a zigzag section at high speed or turning a corner. When you press the boost button mounted on the steering wheel and step on the pedal, it suddenly pops out. Ride comfort and quietness are excellent at low and medium speeds as well as at high speeds. The GV70 EV starts at 73.32 million won. The electric vehicle subsidy is applied at 50%. The price is more expensive than the existing GV70, but the sprint performance and advanced convenience devices are top-notch. It is at a level that can blow away the complexes it had with Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and Tesla.

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