Terrifying moment tiger shark lunges at paddleboarder and chomps his board

SCARY video shows a huge tiger shark suddenly lunging at a paddleboarder and throwing him into the sea.

Brodie Moss filmed the predator as it tried to catch a giant turtle inches below his toes – then chomped his board by mistake.

Brodie Moss filmed a large tiger shark hunting a turtle under his paddleboard


Brodie Moss filmed a large tiger shark hunting a turtle under his paddleboard
The shark suddenly lunged and chomped his board


The shark suddenly lunged and chomped his board
Shocked Brodie managed to retrieve his camera from the sea floor


Shocked Brodie managed to retrieve his camera from the sea floor

Brodie shared the footage to his 1million Instagram followers and on his YBS Youngbloods YouTube channel.

“Tiger shark and this turtle – big showdown, and I’m right in the thick of it,” he is heard saying.

The massive shark is seen thrashing near the surface as the writhing turtle tries to escape its jaws.

The chase continues alongside and under his board in the ocean off Western Australia.

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At one point Brodie spots the danger as he finds himself in the middle between predator and prey.

“Oh this is intense, they’re underneath me,” Brodie says.

“Oh, I don’t know if I’m in the best position right here. Oh, I’m between a tiger and a turtle. Uh oh!”

At that moment the shark lunges out of the water and sinks its teeth into his board.

Brodie crashes into his water along with his camera, which falls to the seabed.

He is able to reach it and it captures his face as he swims back to the surface seconds later.

Thankfully he was unharmed in the close encounter.

He wrote alongside the video on Instagram: “A humbling reminder for myself that it’s their ocean and I’m just a visitor!

“I love sharks and this little accident was not the big fellas fault.”

Ocean enthusiast Brodie, 32, has built a large fan base with videos of him camping and fishing along the Western Australia coast.

In 2019 he quit his job as an electrician to become a full-time YouTuber.

He told ABC: “I started making enough money to cover my bills and in the end, my full-time job as an electrician was getting in the way of being a YouTuber.

“(Quitting) was kind of spooky. I had bills to pay, I had a mortgage and a full-time job.

“I was pretty narrow-minded, I thought that I had to have a full-time job, that there wasn’t much money to make on social media.”

It paid off and he now makes much more from his sun-soaked adventures than he did as a tradie.

His videos – also featuring his dog, girlfriend and members of his family – regularly rack up millions of views.

Many show close encounters with sharks, whales, turtles and sea snakes.

Western Australia is one of the world’s hot spots for shark attacks on humans.

In November 2020 a bodyboarder was savaged to death near Broome, the eighth fatal attack that year.

A year later Brit dad Paul Millachip was mauled to death while swimming in Freemantle.

There were claims he was attacked by a great white and a tiger shark at the same time.

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In February this year a British diving instructor was killed by a 15ft great white in Sydney.

Experts say most victims are bitten when the sharks mistake them for prey such as seals.

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