(Courtesy of SPC Dunkin)

SPC, which hit the jackpot with ‘Pokemon Bread’, introduces ‘Pokemon Donut’ this time

(Courtesy of SPC Dunkin)

SPC Group, whose stock price has risen recently as ‘Pokemon Bread’ has become very popular, is planning to introduce ‘Pokemon Donut’ this time.

BR Korea, a subsidiary of SPC Group, announced on the 28th that Dunkin’ Donut of the Month will be released ‘Pokemon Donut’.

There are a total of 3 donuts of the month. △ ‘Hungry Jammanbo’ filled with chocolate filling in a donut depicting the face of the popular Pokemon ‘Jammanbo’ △To express ‘Pikachu’, a yellow coating was added to a round ring donut and finished with a Pikachu Pick △Chocolate ‘Goose Choco Ring’ topped with popping candy on ring donuts coated with Limited to select stores, △Pokemon in the shape of a ‘monster ball’ donut with Seolhyang strawberry filling in ‘Go!’ Monster Ball’ donuts will also be sold.

Drinks are also released along with Pokemon donuts. △’Pikachu Choco Banana Culata’ △Light blue ‘Squirt Soda Culata’ △’Pie Strawberry Culata’ △’Shiny Muscat Culata’ are 4 types.

Previously, SPC Group re-launched Pokemon Bread, which was called the ‘national snack’ in the 1990s, in February, and it became a sensational popularity. At that time, about 14 million Pokémon were sold in the first 55 days of re-launch. Since then, Pokemon Bread has been out of stock all over the country, leading to an ‘open run’ phenomenon. Thanks to this popularity, Pokemon snacks, donuts, and drinks are now being released following Pokemon Bread.

A Dunkin official said, “Targeting the 2030 generation, we launched a new product in collaboration with Pokemon that can remind you of your childhood nostalgia.”

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